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Frequently Asked Questions (Students)

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Which e-learning platform should I use?

All students taking courses from the School of Foreign Languages (elective, compulsory, preparatory) and students of the Faculty of Medicine https://blackboard.hacettepe.edu.tr will enter.

All other faculties and Vocational School students will be able to access their courses at  https://evdekal.hacettepe.edu.tr

H.U. How can I login to the e-Learning platform

You can log in to e-Learning platforms with the following information.

Username: Your student number

Password: The first 6 digits of your TR ID number

I am a foreign student, I do not have a TR number, how do I log in to the system?

You can log in to e-Learning platforms with the following information.

Username: Your student number

Password: Your student number

E mail password

I can't login to the system even though I typed my information correctly. What could be the problem?

If you do not remember your password, you can change your password at the link address https://portal.hacettepe.edu.tr/hesap/parolami-unuttum

Although I can log in to the system, the My Courses menu appears empty, the courses registered to me are not visible.

Be sure to code the course during program registration. Check if the course appears on your transcript. If you cannot log in to the system even though you have taken the course, contact the person in charge of the course at the first stage.

Your course assignments are made automatically according to the information received from student affairs. If you can log in to the system but no course is visible on you, check whether you have made an incorrect branch coding..

I am a double major or minor student, how can I access both programs?

Double major or minor students will be able to see the courses of that program when they log in separately with the student numbers of the relevant program

Course content

Can I get information about the course of the course?

Video, presentation, lecture notes and live lectures prepared weekly by the instructor, H.U. It will be delivered to students via e-learning platforms.

How can I make up for the live lessons I missed / failed to attend?

After the live classes are over, the course recordings are made by H.U. It can be shared by the instructor under the relevant week on the e-Learning platform. However, it is not obligatory to share course records. You should consult this subject with the instructor.

I'm having trouble connecting to the live course. What should I do?

If you are having trouble connecting to the live lesson, check your internet connection. There will be connection problems around the world lately. Therefore, contact other friends in your class and ask if they have had similar problems.

Exams H.U. Will it be done through the e-Learning platform?

Information about your exams will be shared with you in the future.

How can I contact you for problems with the system?

You can get live or offline support by using the support form in the lower right corner of Huzem web pages. However, reaching the course supervisor first and then the department supervisor regarding a problem you are experiencing will ensure that the process is carried out quickly.