Hacettepe University
Distance Education Application and Research Center
Mission and Vision


  • To set technical standards required for all courses and programmes presented through open and distance education by Hacettepe University in accordance with contemporary technological advancements
  • To set up a substructure and establish an environment suitable for the purpose of open and distance education
  • To make collaborations with national and international institutions for conducting open and distance education programmes and executing project activities
  • To supply follow-up, reporting and evaluation of practices related to open and distance education activities
  • To execute application and research practices and to support those practices
  • To set practices in line with distance education regulations for higher education set forth by Turkish Council of Higher Education
  • To establish a teaching-learning environment suitable for objectives of computer-assisted instruction and to be a pioneer and innovative center in the field


  • To extend knowledge and experience to society and the Hacettepe university student body by means of open and distance education
  • To create student-centered and customized learning experiences
  • To produce viable solutions for various emerging problems that threaten inequality of educational opportunity
  • To promote digital citizenship with the use of technology and distance education practices
  • To encourage lifelong learning
  • To contribute to the development of innovative and pioneering policies in the field of national and international open and distance education